28 June 2010

Extended run

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Last Friday I set off planning to do my usual Whitefield - Heaton Park - Birch - Pilsworth - Whitefield run (about 12m in 1h10'). It was such a ludicrously sunny day that I decided to extend the ride, going from Birch to Heywood and from there, I hoped. to Scout Moor and its wind turbines - a run I had done two years before in preparation for my first C2C.

Of course, I took a wrong turn, which led me further East, to Queen's Park Road and on to Norden, where I joined the A680 to Scout Moor. I then went back down the road I had intended to follow up: Ashworth Rd, by the Ashworth Moor reservoir.

It all took 2h30' - haven't counted the miles but I reckon I did a good 20-odd. Total delight.

03 June 2010

Baby is back

My baby is back, but I am now counting the cost.  After a week in a box, following our tour of the Low Countries, I have re-assembled my humble but cherished Tourismo24 bike.

Now for the butcher's bill.  A spoke is gone in the rear wheel - maybe it happened in transit, but I did wonder at various points whether I could feel a little wobble.  The left-hand rubber grip on the handle-bar is ripped - I had to cut it so as to pack the bike, in a bit of a hurry, at Schipol airport.  Brakes need tightening, and the gear indexing is all over the place.

So, as soon as I can, it is back to the shop in Prestwich.  Get my pride and joy mended and start cycling again.