04 July 2007

Rainfall and fall

I fell off the bike yesterday. It must have been hilarious to watch. It's to do with being new to toe-clips. Yes, you can see it coming: stop at the traffic lights - put left foot down first. Then sway to the right... right foot should come down but gets stuck in the strap of the toe-clip... by then your sway has reached the point of no return and know the fall is inevitable.

I landed on my knee and elbow, both of which I grazed. It was tipping down. I got up, slowly. Two motorists took an interest - the one in front of me opened his door and shouted 'yawright mate?'. The one behind actually got off the car and came to help - I assured him I was OK, and with wounded pride feigned indifference to my bleeding knee and bruised elbow, and continued my journey ... for half a mile or so, then stopped to lick my wounds and check I hadn't broken anything.

I should have been more grateful to my would-be benefactors. You see, not all motorists are evil cyclist-killers.


zanda said...

Try SPDs. You'll love em.

George said...


Thank you for the suggestion. In my mind I fear such a system won't be as flexible as, well, just pedals? But I can see the clear advantage over clip n' strap. Mmm...