18 September 2008

So, it's not just me saying it

The RAC also think texting while driving is (a) a bad idea; and (b) commonly done. So they've done a bit of hard science to prove the obvious:


and are trying to raise awareness of the fact and its possible consequences.

Alas, I fear our weak and timid approach to enforcement will mean any change in behaviour is short lived - a bit like when they started fining drivers for talking on their mobiles.


Anonymous said...

It's been well publicised here that statsically using a mobile phone while driving puts you in greater risk of an accident than drinking and driving.

I've noticed no change to driver behaviour.

I think I'll mention that when someone tells me to wear a helmet.

coco said...

It isn't just drivers using mobile phones who are a risk to others. I've seen pedestrians and - yes - cyclists!