03 October 2008

Two pillocks in a little white car...

Not a good journey yesterday. It began sunny, then turned to heavy rain. A woman looking very distressed running after a little dog (hers, I assumed) who runs onto the road and nearly ends up under the wheels of a car - the lady shouting 'someone, catch him!' with pleading eyes. And two pillocks in a little white car (Reg. P??? TGP, white 3-dr Corsa) drive north-bound on Bury Old RdCheetham Hill Rd/A665, invading the bus lane, on a harassement spree - making obscene gestures to passers by, and nearly knocking me off the bike as they rashly overtake me in a corner (except that my 6th sense picked them up just in time).

To be continued?

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David Hembrow said...

It's atrocious that you have to put up with this. I know just what it's like as I cycled for many years in the UK. You hear the engine and you can feel your adrenaline rising as you expect hassle and perhaps danger.

I don't think I could classify this as lowering just one of subjective safety or social safety. It's a good dose of both of those with a portion of actual physical danger thrown in.

It's also precisely the sort of thing that stops people from cycling, and certainly stops them from recommending that their loved ones cycle.

It's truly tragic that the state of law enforcement on the roads of the UK is such that this is as common as it is.