04 November 2008

Coast to Coast 2009

We have begun our preparations to do the C2C next year. 'We' has grown now from two to eleven of us - at least for the moment.

I didn't take a camera on this first ride - nor was the day a good one for photos. Three of us went to Radcliffe, first down the cobblestoned canal path (I suffered - had just had my bike serviced and parts changed for £78!) then along a muddy cycle path (suffered some more - now I need to clean it to prevent rust and another £78 bill!) and down Route 6 to Prestwich, then back home on normal roads. Couple of hours, good fun, it worked well as a way of getting re-acquainted with touring cycling.

There is, of course, much bread to slice from here to May 09 - logistics, transport, accommodation, which the size of the group makes into a more complex enterprise. More about this in due course.


Nick said...

Sounds interesting, the coast to coast ride. From where to where, and how far, I wonder. I must look it up.

coco said...

Nick: we did Whitehaven to Sunderland (aprx 140 miles). Alternative begin/end: Workington and Newcastle, respectively. In 3 days, pacing ourselves, hard but enjoyable - got lucky w/ weather too.

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