17 April 2009

The lady again

As I've said in a previous post, often on my ride bike home I come across this seemingly continental lady cycling the other way - into town. Well dressed in civy clothes (in winter these include leather boots and quilted coat), her bike very much a 'town' one, built for comfort (though I did notice a change from the original one - and hoped it wasn't due to theft). And no helmet - just like in the continent, some may say.

Worringly though, yesterday I saw her again, but this time... wearing a helmet. I sincerely hope this has not come about due to an accident or mishap, or that at any rate it was a near miss and no actual harm came to her. I can't imagine, though, that she's shifted to wearing a helmet out of a desire to keep up with UK fashion. I suspect that, like the rest of us, lack of safety (perceived or real) has led her to adopt this (perceived or real) safety measure.

Quosque tandem, Catilina...


townmouse said...

She probably got sick of all her family and friends going 'I hope you wear a helmet out there on your bike...' It gets very tiring arguing with well-meaning people some times

coco said...

Indeed - life's too short to have an intellectual discussion about the evidence on helmets - or lack of it. But habits are formed which die hard - when I did the C2C last year, I found it hard not to wear the helmet even when I was slowly going, on a hot day, along a quiet cycle path in open moorland with no major threats around me whatsoever.