02 August 2009

Trailer bike part II: freedom of the city

In the end, the solution was ready at hand: I managed to sort out the trailer bike - used a piece of plastic packing from an old D-lock holder and with some hammering it went snuggly around my seatpost. I tightened it well and presto! the trailer bike was up and running.

And what for? To take part in the Manchester Skyride. I'm no fan of big media, but this was a good event - it certainly was perfect for the family. We all enjoyed the city being turned over to us - roads closed, cars made to wait at traffic lights by diligent stewards. We enjoyed doing a lap round the impresive velodrome, and having a picnic in the good weather (Rupert Murdoch's influence obviously is far-reaching. I liked the free high-viz vests - the way in which they created a sense of shared purpose among the many participants. I liked the oddballs - the relatively few whose rides were unusual - unicycles, Danish-style utility trikes, chopper cycles glittering in the sun, a modern version of the penny farthing, and a telescopic bicycle with a frame that puts the rider six feet above the ground.


darrellwhittle said...

Hi Coco

Just started following your blog as i came across it when setting up my own about the Prestwich - Bury cycle commute i do. Wanted to send you an email but cannot find your address anywhere. Just to let you know i'm reading!


Lorenza said...

Hello! Lovely to find your blog as I live in Manchester too and I have started riding regularly, learning to share the road with our 'considerate' double decker buses! My boyfriend and I attended the Skyride too, and although incredibly corporate we felt it was a great event. I really hope the city will invest money and effort in creating safe and smooth cycle lanes :) I think that it's the key in turning Manchester into a bike loving city... Lorenza x

coco said...

Thanks for the comments - I've just come back from holiday, have only now read them.

Darrell, I sometimes take part in what used to be 'critical commute' and is now known as Bike Friday (http://www.manchesterfoe.org.uk/lyb/bikefriday.php). I hope to make this Friday's - North Mcr group start from Pizza Express in Prestwich. Of course, if you don't work in the city centre (or somewhere that takes you through it) then it's a bit of an effort.

Lorenza, I don't know where in Manchester you live but there are several meeting points for this event, all converging in the city centre.