13 April 2010

A new era

This is my first post in nearly two months, and what two months they have been. In a nutshell, I took voluntary redundancy from where I used to work. So, for now at least, I will not be 'cycling and working in Manchester'. Cycling yes, but working... not exactly.

This season as a gentleman of leisure was officially inaugurated today when I took to the bike and rode round Heaton Park, to Heywood Old Rd, Birch, Hareshill Rd, Pilsworth and back home. It's a pleasant ride, aprx. 12miles, with ups and downs and few traffic lights after Heaton Park. One has to brave the heavy vehicle traffic at the end of Hareshill Rd, site of an industrial estate between Heywood and Pilsworth.

This route has plenty of potential as it can be extended - eg. continue to Heywood and from there to Bury, or from Heywood on to Scout Moor and Edenfield. I've plans to do a big circular ride encompassing all of the above and then on to Ramsbottom, Holcombe Brook, Affetside etc etc.

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Darrell Whittle said...

Gentleman of leisure eh? How long for do you think?

Well, while you are not having to attend work do you want to come and join me for some training rides pre the Pennine Cycleway or better still join me for part or all of the route itself?