23 March 2011

No, it's Manchester

No, it's Manchester II by cocosolis
No, it's Manchester II a photo by cocosolis on Flickr.

I must get better at photos: this was supposed to show (a) what a nice day today was; (b) the contrast of the modern Manchester buildings in the background and the solitary mill in the middle.

I cycled to Ikea - 24m round trip. No, I didn't buy a flatpacked bed - or anything else for the matter. Just a cooked breakfast and coffee for £1.65. Not a bad journey but for the roadworks to make room for the tram, and the ludicrously car-centric cycle lanes leading to the Ikea roundabout - in the end, I joined the road to avoid stopping at every traffic light.


ian... said...

...and the proper coffee machines were out of order...grrr...sachets of Kenco aren't the same ;>D

I parked up next to a couple of Mtb's (one was silver I think) - were they yours by any chance?

coco said...

Mine was not one of the MTBs - but the lone hybrid by the front door.

I didn't mind the Kenco sachets - at least I could make the coffee strong - I find their ground coffee a bit weak.