06 June 2012

Manchester to be 'cycling city' - yeah, right

I'd love to believe that this will go beyond mere little gimmicks, but I'm not holding my breath.  Cycle hire schemes are all very well, as is training for 'novice' cyclists, but above all, cycling in Manchester is impeded by the attitude of some people - drivers, pedestrians, other so-called 'cyclists' - whose agressive demeanour put people off cycling. This combines with poorly-designed 'cycle lanes' - in reality nothing more than green paint on the road - to create the perception of great danger the media love to focus on and report widely.


Imogen Cooper said...

Thanks for all the advice on cycling in the city. I am going to be working in Manchester for the next three months and my apartment in Manchester isn't to far from where I will be working. I don't really fancy joining a gym for such a short space of time so I thought cycling to work could be a great alternative. It doesn't sound like it's the best city to cycle in but I think I may just give it a go anyway. Thanks again.


Booglaj said...

I agree Manchester has a long way to go before it can be classed as a cycling city but this does not stop it trying. I would welcome any investment in the cycling infrastructure of the city and all that it brings. I enjoy cycling in Manchester and the challenges it brings. My daily commute is often interrupted by the odd pedestrian or inconsiderate driver but on whole its good! Bring on Manchester the Cycling City