29 December 2006

After the indulgence of Xmas time, part I

My son, age 5
Today is my only day at work between 22nd Dec 06 and the 3rd Jan 07. I had been looking forward to my cycling to work. The Xmas indulgence has added 2Kg to my waistline! Days of drinking alcohol - moderate amounts... several times a day - eating croissants, cheese, olives, gammon, pork pies, pork crackling, pork pathe, turkey, sausages, roast potatoes, bruz sprouts, chocolate, mince pies, brandy butter, Xmas pud with rum sauce, etc, etc...

Despite hopes of an early start didn't leave home till 0845. A strong wind was blowing, with very nasty gusts that seemed to freeze me on the spot. A sharp shower here and there. All in all it was very hard going - at least there was very little traffic!.

The building receptionist greeted me on arrival with an update on the weather forecast, along the lines of "they say it's gonna be strong gales in the late afternoon". If it's a tail wind, I will not mind so much.

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