21 December 2006

Sheldon Brown, cycling guru

Right. He's not the world's best web designer. Nor has he got the best dress-sense. Nor is he -by his own admission - the only Sheldon Brown on the web. But for the aspiring cyclist who is looking for good technical advice written in a tone that is understanding without being condescending, Sheldon Brown is definitely worth a look. Two years since I started commuting by bike, I have found him enormously useful.

Ok, he's a Yank - but, having lived in France for a year in the late 80s, he's got just enough of an international outlook (admittedly, of the slightly Francophile kind - nobody is perfect). And he's a leftie and an atheist - but in this world of lies and half-truths I'll always have time for an honest, open-minded man. This chap seems to be just that.

Reading his diary as he battles a debilitating illness is - I mean this - a source of quiet inspiration.

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